Tigers Eye Tumblestone Mini


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Tigers Eye Tumblestone Mini

Tiger Eye is one of our favourite crystals for activating our personal will and solar plexus chakra. When we open and engage our second brain, known as our gut, we can display an actual array of emotions and qualities. If we allow ourselves to focus, our possibilities will become limitless and know no bounds. Opportunities and new beginnings will attach to you like a magnet when working this stone. It is up to you whether you would like to take advantage of what the universe is offering. This ever-loving energy is constantly actively expanding our consciousness and seeking to push us onto a higher path. Tiger Eye is a small tool that grants us the intuition to follow my feeling and not by thought.

Tiger Eye helps one access their inner strength and channel it towards their personal needs and desires. This may come from creativity, drive, determination, and increased focus. This stone has been known to cause minor “obsessions” within people as it brings out the energetic side. Part of this is contributed to true, pure love being channelled from within our solar plexus chakra into something or someone we truly love. People may observe your actions as different from what they are used to seeing, and problems may arise. That is partly due to your blossoming change, which may make others around you uncomfortable with their own path in life. At this point, others may try to spearhead your own personal campaign of self-betterment without even realizing the negative impact they are having. With Tiger Eye, we can envision our potential and our connections with others around us.

While actively using Tigers Eye Tumblestone we may notice ourselves shedding items as well as individuals that no longer suit us. In some cases, this may be personal relationships with whom you may have had a longstanding connection. Have no fear, as you are beginning to experience a spiritual awakening. As we begin to break through and fully commit ourselves to this positively-filled life path, we may see loved ones as not helping us but hurting us. Don’t let this discourage your own self-growth, as others will have their own awakening at their pace. Through peace and love comes acceptance and growth.

Need to Know:

Our Tumblestones vary in size, shape & colour due to their natural crystal. The approximate size is 10-20mm.

All of our crystals are ethically sourced. Read Our Ethicality statement here!

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