Mystery Crystal Bundles


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Our mystery bundles are intuitively chosen just for you, allow the universe to deliver what you need at this moment in time. The selection may not be what you might have chosen initially however, events and problems may arise unexpectedly and what you received was really always meant for you.

Each box contains a varied selection of products from our shop including crystals, Crystal infused home fragrance, incense and more. Products are better valued than if you were choosing yourself individually. We will also include exclusive items that aren’t currently available on the website or in-store, so you will receive a completely unique ‘mystery’ bundle.

If you’d like to leave us some guidance in your order notes please do – We recommend using the below prompts, but this is not essential, so use some, all or no prompts and we will intuitively pick your mystery bundle. No specific choice otherwise it wouldn’t be a mystery.

Mystery bundle prompts:

You can be as specific or non-specific as you feel comfortable.

1. Do you have any big changes at present or in the near future?

2. Would you prefer just crystals or a mixture of other products from our website too?

3. Is there anything you specifically do not want? This may be something you already have a lot of.

4. Do you prefer statements (more expensive pieces) but fewer or smaller pieces and more crystals? Or do not have a preference.

5. Have you experienced a strong connection with a crystal yet?

6. Do you have trouble with your sleeping/switching off?


Anything else you feel is relevant please feel free to let us know. We will try and pack as many of these on TikTok to explain why we have chosen each product for you. (These are labelled with orders numbers so you can watch once you’ve received your mystery bundle if you’d like it to stay a surprise!) If you would NOT like your order packed on tiktok just give us a heads up too!



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