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Blue Quartz Tumblestone – Blue Quartz is a calming stone that protects from negativity. It has all the general properties of Quartz but also additional properties associated with its colour. Blue Quartz alleviates fear and enhances creativity and expression. It has the effect of balancing the throat chakra, it can assist in communication and allow its owner to reach out to others. It is an uplifting stone which can aid in lifting depression and restore hope, happiness and peace. It can assist spiritual communication, particularly with angels and spirit guides. Blue Quartz is helpful for organs in the upper body. It heals the throat, aids the parathyroid glands and cleanses the blood. It also fortifies the immune system.

Physically, Blue Quartz can particularly help to stimulate the thyroid and the thymus. It can help with digestive problems and also alleviate nausea. It can also benefit the immune system. It cleanses and enhances all the organs and strengthens all body systems. Quartz is beneficial for chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, bone injuries and intestinal problems.

Mentally and Emotionally, Quartz can provide clarity of thought and aid concentration. It can also help retain information, making it especially useful for aiding study. Quartz can help boost clear thinking and aid the owner in recalling forgotten memories. Quartz is excellent for emotional healing and is suitable for alleviating anger.

Spiritually, Quartz is an excellent stone for psychic healing. It can assist in balancing all chakras and aligning subtle bodies and is excellent for assisting meditation and spiritual communication. It is also great for protecting the aura and enhancing psychic abilities. It absorbs all negative energy, including radiation and electromagnetic smog.

Need to Know:

Our Blue Quartz Tumblestone varies in size, shape & colour due to their natural crystal. The approximate size is 20-30mm.

All of our crystals are ethically sourced. Read Our Ethicality statement here!

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