Looking for a way to de-stress and relax? Look no further than Hygge Gifts! Our Crystal Candles & holistic products are designed to create calm in your life and enhance healing. From aromatherapy Crystal candles to ethically sourced crystals, we have everything you need to relax and rejuvenate.

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From Crystal Candles to Ethically Sourced Crystals, we have everything you need to create a calm and peaceful space!


Crystal Candle Collection

All of our Crystal Candles are hand-poured in the Shropshire Hills by Hygge Gifts. They are curated with 100% coconut wax and premium oils. All of the ingredients are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. They are also perfect for gifting as they are beautifully displayed in a cotton drawstring bag. They are here to bring well-being into your home and calm your mood without you feeling guilty, a chance to rejuvenate and relax in pure tranquillity. Each scented crystal candle has been paired with a crystal to enhance its healing properties. We recommend choosing a crystal candle with your intuition and what you feel drawn to but, If you can’t decide what candle to choose, why not try our mystery Crystal Candle?

Why choose Hygge Gifts for your
Crystal Candles

  • Hand-poured in unique batches to ensure the all of our products are consistent and high quality.
  • Paraben-free & paraffin wax free eliminating chemicals harmful to your family, your home and your pets.
  • Ethically & Sustainably sourced to maximise positive vibration and to be sympathetic to the environment.
  • Unique crystal & scent combinations to project calming energy around your home.
  • Our Crystal Candles are infused with crystals to heighten spiritual intention.
  • Intuitively picked crystal provides special keepsake long after the candle has been enjoyed.

The latest collection of Crystal Candles and Ethically Sourced crystals!

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